6 Things You Should Know about Senior Dating Sites

Are you a loner past 50, and looking for companionship? If you are, then you’re probably considering senior dating sites. The internet is an odd game for the senior dating scene. Usually, the internet is used by younger folk to find quick hits online.

It’s not thought of as a tool for older (and wiser) dating spheres. But it is! There are senior dating sites! And it’s best if you get familiar with them because many seniors are moving there already!

We’ll help you with the familiarity part. Below, we’ll present you 6 things to know about over 50 dating online. It’ll show you what to expect before jumping in.

Senior Dating Sites

1, Looks Don’t Matter – But Health Does

Let’s be honest. The older you get, the more your good looks fade away. And what’s left is essentially the fruits of your fit life – assuming you have one. As a senior, good health can roll back your age by 10-20 years. You can be a 75 year old in shape, and come off as a 55-year-old… Or, you can be a 60 year old with weak legs and a “stay at home” lifestyle.

The point is, most seniors online will look at your health more than your looks. Your profile picture won’t matter as much as your profile information. Why? Well, the better your health, the more social you are. And that makes you more open to life, even in your golden years. But this doesn’t mean you should neglect your looks. What we want to emphasize is that looks are a lesser priority to seniors online.

Age – Not a Concern Either. Age matters for younger online dating. Because as a younger prospect, you’re looking for a life partner to last you many-many decades. But with over 50 dating, a long-life partner isn’t a concern for many. Most seniors have already had long-term relationships, ending up as widows or divorcees. Instead, a lot of seniors online seek companionship more than love...

2, An Activity Partner

Seniors have a life perspective that’s much wider than younger daters. So over 50 dating isn’t concerned much with lust or love. It’s focused more on exploring activities and having a good social time. If you’re getting into the senior dating scene, it’s OK if you’re not interested in sex. Instead, expect prospects to look for shared interests to do together. They could range from bridge games to discussing literature.

3, Seniors are More Open-Minded

Younger online dating is fraught with discrimination. Many will ignore prospects based on race, hair color, religion, or ethnicity. But, dating older folk is a little different. Your life experience makes you more open to others. It makes you more open to identities that you may have rejected previously. And this is excellent. Your senior years are a time to let go of the residues of rigidity and narrow-mindedness. So if you’re a senior looking for an open-minded partner, you’ll likely find one in your age group!

4, Being Direct Matters

Playing games and sending mixed signals is a part of younger dating. This is not something you’ll find in the senior scene. Honesty matters. Being direct matters. And with age comes gracefulness in expressing that honesty. You see, the reason why honesty matters is that all seniors have dating experience.

It’s easy to see through a date that’s going to give you a rough time. And most senior prospects simply don’t have time for that. So you’re essentially not walking into a shady 1st date. And you don’t have to worry about the problems that come with those.

5, When Moving Offline: Senior Dating Can be a Little Exciting

When was the last time you went out on a date with someone? Most seniors go months, if not years without looking for a date. Especially after the loss of a long-term partner. So popping into the senior dating scene might be a little exciting for you. And that’s OK.

It’ll feel like going on a 1st date in your teen years. In fact, you might feel a little nostalgic about your teen years all over again!

6, Senior Dating Services: Not a Small Internet Niche

Most online dating services are tailored to younger people. And the interests of the young aren’t similar to those of seniors… As a result, a lot of senior dating sites have popped up recently. And you should consider joining them. There, you’ll find an atmosphere that reflects your wiser years. And you’ll feel more comfortable finding a partner similar to you!

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