Safe Senior Online Dating Tips

safe senior online dating tips

Senior people, typically considered over 50, have been showing a large growing number in regards to online senior dating, more than six percent according to AARP recently. This is not hard for one to consider once it’s learned, that as of 2013, forty five percent of senior people 65 and older are now divorced.

Sex and senior people over 50

According to a 2007 study, more than 3000 senior people responded to questions in regards to their current sexual encounters and what was learned is rather amazing. Primarily all of them said they had sex no less than once the year of the study. For example, of those that commented, we found the following to be true information.

  • 26% of those aged 75-85 still have an active sex life of more than one forray weekly
  • 53% of those aged 65-74 the same holds true of multiple excursions
  • 73% of those 57-64 still have their share of bedroom fun.

To many this might seem a bit of a shock to some, while to others they simply have a hard time imaging grandma or grandpa going out on dates let alone still being sexually active. However, with more than 10% if Americans aged 55-64 actively using online dating safety can be a family concern. Since the subject can often be a bit of a tough one we are here to help.

Safely Dating Online Tips

Be extra careful just how much information one releases online senior dating. This is due to the fact that there are no certainties just who it might be on the other side of the computer. Photos can be copied, not to mention names and profiles stolen from others or completely made up.

In recent years many senior people have become victims of scams and other means of unlawful abuse online. Divorced and widowed senior people tend to be the most sought after for these not nice acts and let’s not forget that there are a huge number of predators online as well.

When going on the first few dates it is most practical for senior people over 50 to treat the date just as a teen or young adult would, and keep them public. Often these dates also are best to take place for those partaking in online senior dating to join other similar couples.

Among all else senior people over 50 that have decided to partake on online senior dating must remember to have fun.

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