Senior Christian Dating

senior christian dating

Senior christian dating is one of the newer types of specific classification areas within the larger combined scenes that incorporate both christian dating and senior dating scene. Christian senior dating are areas in which there have not been a lot of options and have more recently begun, in recent months, to take-off.

Prior to then-senior people had sites and groups in which they could mingle, join, and hope to find a companion for those hours that senior people needed filled with entertainment, laughter, bonding and hopefully love.

Christian dating, like the senior people, was a separate area or group of people that would be able to, if lucky, that one might find in their local area that organizes events, meets, or some form of socialization.

The funniest way in which this can be said, in my mind, is as follows.

senior christian people dating. (Onset of more chuckling and light laughter strikes the narrator before they are able to move on.)

Many of the seniors in these previously separated two groups have been getting a kick out of the fact so many have been giving them pointers. Pointers on dating, on how to stay safe, on how to go online, on how to work computers and so on. They might be the “old dog” if you may but those are anything but “new tricks” needing taught.

One gentleman laughed at the park the other day when we were discussing it as he told me the following little tale.

“For the longest time one of the only things there was for someone

my age to do with others my age was to hit the library. Once there

the only things they really had for us to do was teach us how to us

basic computers,” laughing even harder he had to stop for a bit.

He had been a dating friend of my grandmothers and I felt very sad for him that he was so, well, bored. Last week I had given him a listing of the senior christian dating websites but he still hadn’t mentioned them. I’m not wanting to feel as if I am pushing him so I haven’t brought them up again, even though I was really wanting to ask. Resolved, the newest mental decision to one more week to wait would do no harm.

I understood exactly what he meant though as my own grandparents often complained about the same things. It was either computer class or bingo. My grandmother would get so adamantly angry sometimes about the lack of offerings and in her personal tangent would say the following.

  • “If I ever really get old I will consider bingo.”
  • “Why does everyone treat us as if we need walkers?”
  • “ If you ever take me either one of those places you will never see old.”


The last being my favorite. As if it were all my idea. However, not that long ago she called me up and told me of a christian senior bus trip that she was going to be joining with her sister. The trip was taking them all to Disney in Florida. For our family this was growth positive in the senior scene.

Very limited alternatives for her and all seniors in a similar position, to meet other like-minded seniors, especially other seniors that were looking at dating is a scene that is happily growing and becoming easier to locate. There needs to be positive growth in the areas of more senior dating avenues as well as more christian senior ones to only name a couple.

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