5 Tips for Seniors Dating after a Divorce or Death

senior dating after a divorce or death

Dating can be difficult, no matter what your age. If you’re a senior who has either been through a divorce or mourned the death of a spouse, it can be even that much harder to put yourself back out there again. To make dating an experience that is not only fun but successful, check out the following tips and you’ll be sure to find yourself on the road to a special new relationship:

Tip #1: Take the time to heal. Before saddling back up on the dating horse, it is important that you take some time alone to recover from your last fall. Dealing with the loss of a relationship takes time and is something that can’t be rushed. Learn to do things on your own, focusing on a healthy new you. Remember, if you enter a relationship while still holding on to feelings of negativity and bitterness…don’t expect it to end well. The only way you will ever be able to make another person happy is when you are truly happy with yourself. Once you’ve achieved that, your positivity is bound to radiate, making you more open to meeting a like-minded individual.

Tip #2: Move out of your comfort zone. It helps to get out of your old habits. If you believe that you can only date a certain type of person, go out of your way to date someone who differs from those criteria and try to be open about that person. Be willing to try new ways to meet a match, such as online dating. For seniors in search of a second chance at love, this is currently one of the most popular and successful methods available today.

Tip #3: Don’t fall in love with the idea of love. Many seniors who have been used to having a partner around may be experiencing feelings of extreme loneliness. While this is tough, you should be careful not to look for love solely to fill a void in your life. Just because someone comes along at a lonely point doesn’t mean that they are the right match. After you’ve taken the time to heal, think about the attributes and qualities that are important to you in a counterpart—then carefully look for the person who meets these guidelines and don’t compromise.

Tip #4: Honesty is the best policy—just be yourself. This is something that you’ve probably heard since you were a kid and it is a rule that should translate into your dating life as a senior. If you are using an online dating site, be sure to only include truthful information in your interactions with fellow online seniors. If a spark should ignite across the internet and it’s time for a face-to-face meeting, you will find it pretty embarrassing trying to explain that the picture on your dating profile was taken 15 years earlier. Those pursuing you for the right reasons will like you for you—not for what you look like or how much money is in the bank.

Tip #5: Don’t dwell on the past. When you do find someone and decide to embark on the journey of a new relationship, try not to bring past issues into what should be an exciting time. The subject is bound to come up at one point or another, but in the beginning stages of a new relationship don’t dish out every detail of what went wrong in your past relationship. Everyone has a past and it is what has shaped us into the people we are today. However, if you find that you are constantly comparing your new relationship to the one you had with your previous partner, you will do nothing but restrict yourself from experiencing something new and promising.

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