Senior Dating Rules for Senior People

senior dating rules

Senior dating rules number one is remembering to give yourself regular mental pep talks. You are a catch, don’t forget that, even for a minute, in reality, so this rule should not be too difficult to pull off. Once you have built yourself up to the point you are ready to jump back into the dating field spread the word that you are available to be snagged.

Learn the go-to spots to mingle, and actually, go to that spot. It is never easy to change, just as the old dog that was trying to learn new tricks. Seriously, though, be prepared, you might just have to break your interior mold and be willing to try something new. Senior dating rules two and three specify that you are not allowed to freak out or become so overwhelmed that you don’t try with all you got anymore.

Another trick pony that the younger generations have taken to when it comes to dating or even communicating with other is online. Online dating apps and websites to be specific. Time to put off learning all the technology you’ve been keeping away. Ask for a hand so you can get it done right.

Often times these programs are not at all complicated if you understand what they are wanting you to do. Like with every other generation, these have been made by those that can operate computers, phones, tablets, and even computer watches in their sleep.

No one to ask, or not sure where to turn, the library or senior centers are great locations in which to begin. Both spots often have special senior’s or 50+ classes even, so you won’t feel like the odd one out. Even better though is that locations that are nearest to you do not offer the class or know how that you need they can definitely give you the scoop as to who does have them.

Senior dating rule five is the easiest of them all. Be flexible in nature. GO with the flow. Don’t be afraid to speak to the person beside you, in line in front or behind you, or anytime. I was always told, and it is true, “a closed mouth does not get fed” and they too may be debating in their own head whether or not to give it a shot.

Initiating contact is not the easiest thing to do and therefore, times changed a while ago, especially in regards to seniors dating. Anyone and everyone’s job these days are making the first move, first phone call or even the first flirty line. When or if in doubt as to the roles with senior people dating, just go for it.

Make sure that the conversations between you and your date stay upbeat and witty. You can wait until date four or five to have the chat about all your friends kicking the bucket. Worse would be telling your date how mean and horrible your last mate was for hours on end.

A senior person dating does not mean that senior dating rules are anything goes. It is not only ok but encouraged for you to dress to impress, on the alluring side even. Just don’t forget that you ARE over 50.

Senior dating rules number five and six are taking a deep breath, let the serious aspects of the dating game flow. This way you are able to make certain that you both have the same level of feelings flowing before attempting a leap. What I mean isn’t it all easier if you become friends first.

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