Senior People Dating in Canada

senior people dating in canada

Canadian demographical statistics in 2009 had more than 25% of British Colombia placed between the ages of 50-90+. So how does a senior go about safely dating in Canada?

  • Done with bars and clubs

Older senior people dating in Canada are tired of the various scenes that had once been their dating ground and have instead they are now turning to the internet. This gives them a little more in the way of options as well as some added security in these odd dating days.

When using the internet senior people dating in Canada could benefit from the following tips.

  • Make a separate email

Be sure that online profile email is not your name, your everyday email, or tell too much about you as a means of precaution. You never know for a fact who is on the other side of the computer, even once you have met, these days.

  • Think and talk about today, not the past

Even though you have had a long life and been through many an ordeal it is very important that you maintain staying in the right now, here, and today, especially at the beginning of getting to know someone new. By doing this you have a better and more encouraging chance of a potentially healthy relationship rather than forming a bond that is based on similar negatives.

  • Say yes to meeting new people

It is okay and expected that at some point you will be meeting a new fellow senior. Senior dating in Canada is much the same as it is everywhere in that once you have chatted a while and begin to feel comfortable the next logical step is to meet for drinks, dinner, a movie, or some other such meeting. It is recommended that you make at least the first meet or first few meets either with a friendly group like the atmosphere or in a public place.

One can never be too safe. The safe also applies to sexual activity for the seniors dating in Canada and elsewhere alike. All people regardless their age must worry about STD’s, AIDS, rape, etc. No one is excluded.

  • Have fun

Seniors are allowed to have a great time. No one should even attempt to say that you cannot. Just because you have reach senior years doesn’t mean that life has come to an end, nor does it mean that one must stay at home on a rocking chair.

  • Seniors everywhere

Senior people dating in Canada is much the same as senior people dating pretty much anywhere. The same situations, cautions and rules apply. They are no longer the young, limber and fast movers that they had once been. Approaching with a touch of caution is not only encouraged but recommended.

  • Goal sheet / avoidances

Some important tips follow for safe online communications for senior people dating in Canada.

Do not talk about your finances
First-time meets should be in a public place
Trust your gut instincts
Report and block the creepy or suspicious

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