Things You Do Not Know about Senior Dating

What is the difference between senior dating and normal dating? Is it just the age?Of course not. Here are things you don't know about senior dating by the senior dating experts.

Things You Do Not Know about Senior Dating

60% Senior singles kissed their partners for the first match

This is hard to believe,seniors are more active than before when first meeting. Maybe that's why there are much more successful stories on senior dating sites now.

38% Senior singles have sex with their partners in the first week

It seems that senior singles have more passions than they used to be on senior dating field. The ratio is higher than young daters in 2017.

56% Senior singles are looking for a long-term relationship

Unlike in the past 5 years. A long-term relationship is not that important for seniors. Lots of senior singles are looking for casual dating and short-term relationship. More and more senior singles like living in the moment.

42% Senior singles are using multiple senior dating sites

Senior dating sites are subdivided now. Some dating sites focus on over 50 dating, some dating sites are over 55 dating, some dating sites are over 60 dating, some dating sites are over 65 dating, some dating sites are babyboomer dating... A senior dating site can hardly meet all the needs. So a large number of senior singles tried multiple senior dating sites.

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