Giant Panda No Longer Considered Extinct In China

The animal world is fascinating and vast. A simple and quick observation in the middle makes us have several doubts about several things. That’s because there’s so much to learn, to study, or just to see that we don’t know where to start.

Scholars around the world dedicate their lives to animal studies. Some stand out because of their somewhat exotic appearances. Others stand out for their behavior, feeding and even the way of reproduction.

It is estimated that there are more than seven million species across the planet. Although only about 950,000 have been catalogued so far. Because he is so diverse, it is clear that not everything has been found out about him. And as time goes by, new things are emerging.

Animal Kingdom

In short, there is a lot to discover and this is what moves many scholars. The natural world has enormous value. Something priceless. Thus, every action of humanity has a great impact on the possibility of preserving or destroying it.

Mainly due to illegal hunting activities, or serious changes in their natural habitat, some species end up not resisting and succumb to their cruel fate: extinction. The list of endangered animals grows every year.

Fortunately, some animals manage to get off this list. For example, giant pandas , or wild pandas. This animal, for many people, was an almost “fictional” time. That’s because, 150 years ago, people weren’t sure the giant panda was real. Thus, the first Westerner to actually see the animal was the Frenchman Armand David, in 1869.

Giant panda

At the time, David captured an animal of the species and tried to take it to Paris. However, the panda ended up dying on the way. After that, it wasn’t until the 1920s that a giant panda was properly captured and taken to a zoo.

Of course the animal is real, and even though it was not seen by many it was at risk of extinction. However, China has made an official announcement that these animals are no longer threatened with extinction.

According to the announcement of the local authorities, made on the 7th of July, the Chinese government has managed to increase the population of pandas in the wild to 1,800 individuals. With this number, the species is no longer classified as “endangered” and is now defined as “vulnerable”.

“The living conditions of some rare species have improved,” explained Cui Shuhong, director of the Department of Ecological Protection at China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

Out of extinction

The director also said that the population of other endangered species has increased. For example, Siberian tigers, leopards and Japanese ibises.

For 50 years, China has tried to increase the panda population . The country did this by creating several mountain ranges to save the species from extinction. Since this animal is considered a true national treasure.

In addition, there is also the difficulty of breeding these animals. Also because females can only get pregnant for 24 to 72 hours a year.

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